Brutal Men’s NFT collection
We have created a universe where you choose who to become. To do this, we have unique NFT that will become your digital asset.
About the collection
Which depict muscular and attractive guys. Each guy has a sculpted body, a piercing look and stylish attire. These guys look like they stepped off the cover of fashion magazines. We respected all proportions, shapes and outlines.A distinctive feature of each guy on our avatarsis the presence or absence of a tattoo.
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NEW VR gaming exp.
We keep up with current trends and have created a metaverse that combines blockchain technology with NFTs and understandable game mechanics. As part of our project, everyone will be able to become the owner of unique works of digital art. Meet, have fun, etc. and maybe more...!
Our HOT «Fitymens» NFT collection
Let us introduce you our special collection of avatars. More than 7,777 variations of avatars in collection. Let's watch of few of them:
NFT Staking: Earn Passive Income with NFTs Stake your NFT, and get FITY tokens
Just as you create your image when you are going to meet a new person, same way you can choose in what role you want to appear for a new acquaintance. It’s like a carnival masquerade, only this time you don't have to wait for a special occasion - every meeting can be special
Want more than NFT?
The owner of a personal avatar automatically becomes the owner of a special VIP place in our main project. Personal space, created with the tastes and imaginations of its owner in mind. Here you can stay up to date with the latest news and updates. It can be whatever you want it to be: an office, a rest room or a place of solitude.
VR world
Our history
We have been working on our metaverse for a long time, looking for our own style and have created a solution that should not be something final. The result of our work turned out to be flexible and ready for constant development, capable of absorbing the best. Our site combines works of art and Internet technologies that expand not only the range of perception, but also the art form itself.
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